Stars ‘n Stripes II

I’m pleased as punch at the way my Stars ’n Stripes quilt has turned out. I made it as a lap quilt, but as it’s to go in the cab of an old Chevy truck, I sewed some fabric triangles into the top two corners, so it can be hung up for display if wanted. One things for sure, I’ve had plenty of practice at HST’s now.

I finally found a starred fabric on the internet with the right depth of blue, and the fabulous backing fabric was a lucky find at one of the shows we’ve been to recently. I think it fits in well with the whole flag theme.

It’s only 50” by 35” but it’s the biggest quilt I’ve completed so far. Anyhow, now it goes into a cupboard to keep hidden until my other half’s birthday at the end of July. I do hope he likes it.

Link to previous Stars n Stripes post


3 thoughts on “Stars ‘n Stripes II

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  2. I really love your Flag. Would you share your pattern for this. I really would like to make one like this. Both of our fathers were in the Army and Navy. I have a nephew that was in the Army and one as a Marine. Thanks so much for your sharing of this American Flag.


    • Hi Brenda,
      Thank you for your lovely comments, and believe me, if I had a pattern I would gladly share it. The quilt is just 2½” Half Square Triangles sewn together to make the stripes. The blue section is a panel of white starred fabric, and the whole thing is based roughly on the proportions of the actual American flag.


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