Barbara’s Cushion

Barbara joined our group as a complete rookie.  She cheerfully admitted she’d never done any serious sewing but was fascinated by some of the projects the rest of us were working on and wanted to have a go herself. Her first ever piece was a hand sewn snowman she completed from scratch, learning to do blanket stitch along the way and getting a feel for working with fabric. (She’ll hate me for showing a picture of it, but by the time she sees it it’ll be too late.)

When Barbara purchased her sewing machine from DC Nutt in Bloxwich it was a leap of faith for her, as she’d only had a little practice on some of ours.  We all pitched in and taught her the basics of how to operate it, and it wasn’t long before she was sewing a passable quarter inch seam. I taught her how to sew a small change purse, and the result turned out pretty good, although I do wish I’d planned it better. (I’m not really much of a teacher.) Luckily, Angie was on hand to keep the train on the tracks.

On our day out at Malvern, Barbara picked out some lovely Rose & Hubble fabric and Angie helped her choose some more in different designs and shade of blue to complement her purchase. It was Liz who steered Barbara in the direction of a disappearing nine patch project and taught her how to properly rotary cut.  By the time I went on holiday she’d sewn her nine  patches together.  While I was away she cut, rearranged and sewed her blocks then Tracy helped her make the ‘envelope’ closure for the back of her project.

I received an email from Barbara telling me she’d finished her cushion, and she attached a picture.  Unfortunately, due to some international gremlin in the works, I was only able to see a tantalising top inch of it because the picture wouldn’t open properly.

What makes me proud is how our little sewing group pulled together to help Barbara develop her skills, and I’m very pleased to reveal her first proper sewing project.  A  delightful blue cushion that I’m told now resides on the back seat of her car for all the world to admire.  I can’t wait to see what she makes next.


Uttoxeter 2016

Our little sewing group took a trip out on Friday to the British Quilt and Stitch Village 2016 Show at Uttoxeter Racecourse.  We thoroughly enjoyed the day and got to see a host of lovely quilts on display.  If I could achieve half the level of skills shown by some of those quilt makers I’d be a happy bunny.

We did try to be discriminating, but there were too many tempting stalls there, so as usual we spent far too much money on lots of lovely fabric and notions.  I nabbed a 9 degree wedge ruler too, as I want to have a go at a bargello in the round pattern I’ve seen on the internet.

Then it was back for our usual Friday night sew-in where we got to cast envious eyes over Angie’s brand new Janome Atelier 5 sewing machine.  A thing of beauty with more brilliant features than you can shake a stick at.  David Nutt, owner of our local store,
DC Nutt Sewing Machines
in Bloxwich, was once again on hand to offer Angie expert advice and help in choosing just the right machine.

And just to put the icing on the cake our rookie sewist, Barbara, has recently purchased her first ever sewing machine from DC Nutt’s too!